Hi, I'm Vaidas Lungis

PHP developer & Developer advocate

I started PHP developer path in 2010. At the day PHP 5.3 was the newest release (introduced namespaces), but mainly I was working on 5.2. On a project with a custom scripts bundled in a look a like framework. Written my first API and SDK while dealing with tight coupling, god classes and npath complexity issues. I gained knowledge not only by solving business challenges but took time to read books and learn best practices. "Clean code" and "Clean coder" books by Robert C. Martin influenced me the most

Later on learned about PHPUnit, GIT, unix CLI, server configuration: production and development, faced with performance bottlenecks in code, MySql and architecture. Exploring design patterns and languages like Java and javascript.

In the recent years got involved in Docker containers, continuous integration, quality assurance.

Updated: 2018-10-28

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